UNTTLD clothes are made to elevate everyday living into a glamorous cinematic lifestyle.

UNTTLD is a creative force devoted to the materialization of a sense of power, drama and
glamour where history and poetry transcends into luxurious elegance.

Knowledgeable and well travelled, the UNTTLD woman is bold, sensual and magnetic. Her dramatic sense of style reveals a romantic rebel in full possession of herself. She is a professional, an artist, an intellectual, whose mystique intrigues and inspires.

At UNTTLD, the collections are designed to let the woman’s personality and style shine through sensual tailoring, rich materials and impeccable fit.



Jose St-Jacques & Simon Belanger

Founded in 2011, UNTTLD is the ongoing collaborative work of Montreal designers José St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger. After graduating from Marie-Victorin in fashion Design, José went on to perfect his knowledge of textiles and techniques in the Fiber Program at Concordia University’s faculty of Fine Arts. A graduate of LaSalle College’s Fashion Design program, Simon earned a Master’s degree at the Domus Academy of Milan.

UNTTLD has won several industry prizes recognizing the designers’ excellence: the Swarovski Canadian Arts and Fashion Award (CAFA) for best emerging talent in 2016, Mercedes-Benz Start-Up contest and the Star Wars fashion Prize in 2016. UNTTLD was most recently nominated for CAFA 2017 designer of the year.

Based in Montreal, Canada, the UNTTLD showroom and workshop are housed in the Arsenal Contemporary art center, home to an expansive contemporary art collection that has inspired some of the exceptional pieces that have become signature UNTTLD designs.